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harvest14Le Vigne di Raito is located in the town of Raito, a municipality of Vietri sul Mare. Located next door to Salerno, Vietri sul Mare is known to the world for its ceramics production and artists.

The vineyard, which has been certified biologic/biodynamic, is immersed in the typical Mediterranean vegetation, characterized by the presence of lemons, ancient olive trees, strawberry trees, viburnum, oaks, myrtles, laurel, pomegranates, and more. It is rich in local microfauna.

The areas cultivated with grapevines cover almost 2 hectares of the property. The grapevines are cultivated on terraces, a planting method typical to the Amalfi Coast, which are bordered by “macere” – a term used to refer to the vertical retaining walls, built to allow the full use of the underlying ground. These strips of land, torn from the rock in the course of time, are difficult to access and require manual work processes only. On the property there are some old rural buildings which are being renovated.

The vineyard belongs to the “Costa d’Amalfi” DOC region and is cultivated using the Guyot method. The grapes are from Aglianico and Piedirosso variety with a density of approximately 3500 plants per hectare.